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What are my options for displaying the list of profiles?

There are various parameters than can be used to specify which profiles display and in what order.  These are used by inserting them into the [profiles] shortcode.  Note that you must use double quotes (“) for these parameters to work.

  • id - displays the the excerpt version of the single profile with that id. To get the id of a profile, edit the profile and find the number in the URL, e.g. /wp-admin/post.php?post=7820&action=edit. To display the profile with id XX, type the following: [profiles id=”XX”].
  • tag - displays all profiles with that tag, e.g. [profiles tag=”engineering”].
  • view=”grid” or view=”list” - Displays a grid view or list view of profiles. Omitting the ‘view’ parameter defaults to a list. E.g. [profiles view=”grid”] to display a grid of all profiles.
  • sort=”name” - sorts alphabetically by name. Omitting sort will display profiles chronologically by creation time. E.g. [profiles sort=”name”]
  • role=”faculty” or role=”staff” or role=”student” or role=”alumni” - displays all profiles with that role. E.g. [profiles role=”faculty”] displays all faculty profiles.

Parameters can also be combined. For example:

[profiles tag=”engineering”]
[profiles tag=”EE” role=”faculty” sort=”name” view=”grid”]

will display a grid view of all faculty profiles with the tag EE sorted alphabetically by name. Or:

[profiles role=”faculty”]
[profiles role=”staff”]

will display a list of all faculty profiles followed by a list of all staff profiles.