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I need to modify or delete a course, but can't find it in the Course Approval Request Form (CARF) system. Where is it, and what should I do?

If you have already tried following these directions for modifying or deleting your course, but are unable to find your course, it may be that the course is very old, predating both the Google system and its Filemaker predecessor, and is not yet in the Google system at all.

When the Google CARF system was initially launched, all of the data from the previous Filemaker-based CARF system was imported. Some older courses were not modified during the window where Filemaker was used, and thus never entered that system. Consequently, they were not imported into the Google system either.

Before following the directions below, it is a good idea to check with the College of Engineering Office of the Registrar ( to make sure that is the case for your course. If so, the old course needs to be added to the Google system. To do this, begin by following the procedures for creating a New Course, i.e.:

Enter the information for the existing course you wish to modify. In the Action requested box, change the radio button to Modification of Existing Course:

You will then need to enter the information as it currently exists (the old information), and then will be prompted to enter the information as you wish it to be (the new information). Once you submit this form, your course should appear in the Google sheet on the All tab.