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What folders should I save my files to on a CAEN Windows computer?

When using a CAEN Windows computer, all files should be saved to the N: network drive, which maps to a student's CAEN online file storage space (also known as the Windows home directory). This can be found in the file explorer under "This PC." All files not stored in this location will be deleted when you log off of the computer.

Many of the key Windows profile folders are conveniently redirected to the N: Drive automatically, meaning that files saved in these locations will be available at future logins. A list of the key folders that are redirected include:

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Videos

Note that the Downloads folder is NOT redirected. The full list of redirected folders can be found by navigating to the file path: N:\windat.V2

If files in these locations, or other locations within the N: Drive, are accidentally deleted you can recover those files according to the method outlined in How to Recover a Previous Version of a File.

Another file storage option on CAEN Windows computers is Kumo. Kumo will allow you to link your U-M Box and U-M Google Drive accounts to network drives, just like the N: drive. For more information on setting up Kumo on a CAEN Windows computer, refer to our article on What is Kumo?