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MATLAB for Students

With contributions from the College of Engineering and other colleges, ITS has obtained a University-wide software license for a number of MathWorks products that are now available to University of Michigan students at no cost. MATLAB, Simulink, and 26 other MathWorks products and toolkits are included. Details on how to download the software can be found at the Computer Showcase - Matlab for Faculty, Staff, and Students page.

Students should register with their email address. Once activated, the license key will remain active for the calendar year (January 1 - December 31).

Renewing the License

Since the annual license key expires at the end of each calendar year, qualified students will need to reactivate MATLAB with the updated license key by following these steps:

  • Launch MATLAB. From the Help menu, select Licensing > Activate Software:

  • The MathWorks Software Activation wizard will open. Click the Next button:

  • Enter the Email Address and Password associated with your MathWorks account, and click Next:

  • Make sure the University of Michigan Full Suite license is selected, and click Next.
  • Enter the User Name of the account that will run MATLAB on the computer. This is the user name you use to log into your computer:

  • Verify that the information displayed in the Confirmation window is correct, and click the Confirm button.
  • The activation wizard will finish, and prompt you to start MATLAB. Click the Finish button.

Note: If you still receive a warning that the MATLAB license is going to expire, you may need to remove the previous license file(s) from your computer, and restart MATLAB. Refer to the MATLAB Answers website for information on locating your license files.