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How can my student organization obtain a Google Site?

CAEN provides College of Engineering Sponsored Student Organizations (SSO) and Volunteer Student Organizations (VSO) limited support with creating a website through U-M Google. When requested, CAEN can help provide the registration of an URL, and a template that closely resembles other Michigan Engineering Google Sites, as shown below:

Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the student organization to create and maintain their own web content.

Create a Google Site for Your Student Org

A representative of the student organization may use the following steps to create a Google Site using the Michigan Engineering Student Group theme:

  1. Open a web browser, and go to
  2. Click the Sign in through University of Michigan button.
  3. You will then be forwarded to the U-M Weblogin page, and will be required to authenticate with your U-M uniqname and UMICH password.
  4. Click the red CREATE button and select in classic Sites to begin creating your Google Site.
  5. Under Select a template to use, click the box to Browse the gallery for more.
  6. Search for: Michigan Engineering Student Groups
  7. Click to select the template in the search results, then click the blue Select button.
  8. Under Name your site, enter the name of your student organization.
  9. Under Site location, enter what you would like the final part of your Google Site URL to be. For simplicity, we recommend using a limited number of lower-case letters (a-z) only.
  10. Click the red CREATE button.

Your org's Google Site has now been created, but there are still a few more steps you should complete before you begin adding content:

  • Add a Header Image: By default, the template provided by CAEN has a generic image in the header as a placeholder. You add your own customized header image by following the instructions on the Google Sites Help Page.
  • Request an Engineering URL: As a student organization in the College of Engineering, you can request that a URL be mapped to your Google Site. Instructions for doing this are available on the U-M Google website.
  • Share Your Site: You can grant edit permissions to your site by adding the email addresses for individuals or MCommunity groups. Instructions for sharing sites are available on the Google Sites Help Page.


There is extensive documentation for working with Google Sites on both the U-M Google website and the Google Sites Help Center. In addition, representatives of College of Engineering student organizations may also Contact CAEN with questions about using sites in Google.