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How do I create a lecture recording site, and link it to the Canvas site for my course?

In order to link to your lecture recordings from Canvas, you will need to have the "Teacher" role in the Canvas course site. To begin:

  • Log into your Canvas course site.
  • Click Settings in the left course navigation.
  • Click the Navigation tab.
  • Scroll down until you see Lecture Recordings, which may be greyed out.
  • Click the gear icon and click Enable or drag it up to the active course navigation.
  • Now click Save.

This will add a new section on the left of your Canvas course called Lecture Recordings. Note that if this does not show up, you may need to refresh your browser page.

Click on the new Lecture Recordings option in the left navigation, and choose from up to three different options:

  1. If the tool recognized the correct site, click This is correct.
  2. If you need a new lecture recording site, click New Site Request.
  3. If you already have a site, and it is listed, click the name of the site to select it.

Once you click on a site, a dialog will ask you to confirm your selection, and you should now see the index of recordings displayed just as the students enrolled in the course will see them. If the site you want to link to is not listed, please contact the CAEN Help Desk.