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Why are some Linux Login/VNC servers restricted by course or location? Who is eligible to connect?

Some Michigan Engineering courses require the use of applications in the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) remotely over a network. This is generally provided via CAEN's Linux Login Service, but some vendor licenses may only provide remote access under specific conditions. So, VNC server pools have been configured to support these types of access requirements.

On-Campus Only VNC Servers

Most software titles have license restrictions that limit the locations from which users can access them over the network, and many may only be used from on-campus networks. In order to comply with these types of license restrictions, CAEN created the server pool.

This server pool allows on-campus students (i.e. those connected to the campus MWireless wireless network or wired network) to access the majority of software provided in the CLSE. Whether via the CAEN VNC client or SSH, one must simply connect to the hostname in order to gain access.

To determine if the software you need to use is restricted from off-campus access, refer to our online software listing.

Off-Campus/Two-Factor Authentication VNC Servers

Due to other, more restrictive vendor licensing terms, some software applications are only available for off-campus use if their access is restricted using two-factor authentication. To address these restrictions, CAEN has set up two server pools that use Duo Two-Factor Authentication at U-M:

  • provides access to software that is licensed for use from any network location using Duo two-factor authentication.
  • provides access to course software that requires a specific license agreement in addition to Duo two-factor authentication.

For example, the license terms for Cadence and Synopsys software allow EECS students who live within a 50-mile radius of North Campus to access them from their place of residence for their coursework. The server was created to meet these specific requirements.