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Why can I only run certain software applications when I'm on-campus?

Some software applications have license terms that restrict their use over the network to on-campus locations only, such as classrooms, library buildings, and residence halls (Note: The U-M Virtual Private Network (VPN) service will not bypass these restrictions).

The Linux login server was created to allow users to run applications over the network from on-campus locations when applications have this restriction.

Software Applications Restricted to On-campus Locations

The following are examples of applications that may only be used over the network from the server

  • ANSYS software, such as Fluent, ICEM CFD, HFSS, and Maxwell
  • Cadence tools, such as IC (icfb and virtuoso), Spectre, and Encounter
  • COMSOL Multiphysics
  • MSC tools, such as Adams, Dytran, Marc, Nastran, and Patran
  • PTC Creo (formerly Pro/Engineer)

For information about how to access this software over the network in Linux, see Access CAEN Linux Computers Over the Network.