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What should students know if their course requires an i>clicker?

i>clicker Use in Engineering Courses

Many U-M schools and colleges are using i>clicker response systems in many courses, including Engineering, LSA, Public Policy, Kinesiology, Music, Information, Public Health, and the Library.

Please check with your Engineering course instructor to find out if you will need an i>clicker for your course.

Purchasing and Buy-back of i>clicker Devices

i>clicker remote devices are available through the U-M Computer Showcase. Their website contains a full list of locations, dates, times, and accepted payment methods. As of Summer 2018:

The Showcase will also buy-back i>clicker devices that are working and in good condition. Contact the U-M Computer Showcase for more information.

web-clicker Subscriptions

CAEN does NOT recommend purchasing web-clicker subscriptions. Although using a web-clicker may seem more convenient to you than using a separate i>clicker device, there are a few important issues to consider:

  • Instructors are NOT obligated in any way to enable the use of web-clicker subscriptions.
  • For technical reasons, CAEN does NOT recommend that instructors enable web-clicker.
  • Your future instructors may require a physical i>clicker device.
  • A separate, web-enabled device compatible with web-clicker is required for use.
  • There will be no end-of-term buy-back program for web-clicker subscriptions.

Other Clicker Brands

Clicker brands other than i>clicker will not function with the i>clicker system used on campus.

Using i>clicker in Class

If i>clickers are used to assign points or grades for participation, then students must register their unit on Canvas. Any class requiring an i>clicker will include the registration option in its Canvas site in a tool called "i>clicker". Once you have registered for a class, the clicker can be identified as yours by the instructor's software.

  • Once in class, simply turn the unit on (bottom button) when polling begins. A blue Power light indicates the unit is working. The handheld i>clicker for students is very reliable and easy to use.
  • When voting, the Vote Status light will flash green for a successfully transmitted answer, or red if an answer is not accepted because polling is closed or the clicker is using the wrong frequency code. Even in the largest campus classrooms, clicker range should not be an issue.
  • The user may vote multiple times, only the last transmitted vote will be counted.
  • The Low Battery light will flash if battery power is low.
  • When replacing batteries, be sure to replace all three AAA batteries. Replacing only one or two may cause performance problems and decrease battery life.
  • To save battery life, turn off your clicker at the end of class. The clicker will also automatically shut off after a period of inactivity.

Sharing i>clicker Devices

Students that are not in the same class may share a clicker device. Each student will need to register the clicker on Canvas to earn points or grades for participation. It is not possible to share a clicker device in the same class as only one answer per device/per question is tracked by the system.


If you have difficulty getting your i>clicker to work, replace all three of the batteries. Energizer AAA batteries are recommended by i>clicker, and are available for purchase at the U-M Computer Showcase.

If the i>clicker still does not operate, you may need to exchange it for a replacement. Remember that if you get a replacement i>clicker after the beginning of the term, you will need to update your registration information in Canvas, and inform your instructor so they can update the information in their copy of the i>grader software. Failure to do this will result in your i>clicker responses and scores not being recorded by your instructor.

Further Information

The LSA Instructional Support Services (ISS) group provides an online i>clicker Resources page that covers the U-M specific details, including frequently asked questions for students. Note that some details in that document may be specific to LSA.