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When I log into a Linux computer, I either cannot run software (e.g. command not found) or am automatically logged out. Why?

There are a few issues that can cause this behavior:

  1. When you are over your AFS storage quota, Linux cannot write necessary session information to your home directory. Visit this page for tips on reducing your quota usage.
  2. If there is a problem with your Linux dotfiles, you can reset them by logging into a CAEN login server using SSH, and typing the following command:
    This will rename your old dotfiles to .dotfile.old or .dotfile.older, and then copy the standard dotfiles into your home directory. The next time you log into a Linux computer, your environment will use the CAEN default settings; as if you were logging into a CAEN Linux computer for the first time.
  3. Many software applications are restricted based on an individuals role at the College and/or where they are located when attempting to run software. Refer to our online Software Restrictions for Linux Users page for more information.