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How do I update the contact information for my site?

The Contact person appears on every page of the site, and provides site visitors with an easy way to obtain more information. The Office of Communications & Marketing ( will provide images for each Contact person. If no image of the Contact person is uploaded, a default image of North Campus will appear. The Contact person may be set individually for each page, although the default will be the site Contact person unless a page's Contact person is customized.

To edit the Contact person for the entire site:

  1. Click on Appearance in the left navigation.

  1. Click on Customize.
  2. Click on Contact Person to view the menu:

  1. Enter the Site Contact Name, Site Contact Email, Site Contact Phone, and Site Contact Room Number & Building into the appropriate fields. For a list of building abbreviations, see
  2. To upload an image for the site contact:
  3. Click Save & Publish.

Video Tutorial