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How can I integrate a Twitter feed as part of my WordPress site?

Twitter offers embeddable timelines that allow you to display any public Twitter feed onto your blog. These timelines are interactive, so readers can reply, retweet and favorite tweets straight from your blog or website.

Get Your Twitter Widget ID

First, go to Twitter and create your Twitter Widget. There, you can pick your color scheme and size your Twitter widget. Once you're done, click “Save Changes." Your widget ID is the long number you see in the URL while editing your Twitter widget:

Copy this widget ID — you will need it to display your Twitter Timeline on your blog.

Widget Settings

Once you add the widget to your sidebar from the Appearance Widgets page, you'll see that the widget settings look like this:

  • Title: Set a custom title to be displayed above the widget. Something like “I'm on Twitter" or “Recent Tweets".
  • Width: You can set a specific width (in pixels) for your timeline. If you set this to “0" then it will try to automatically fill your sidebar.
  • Height: You can make your timeline taller or shorter by setting a height. The default is 400px which will normally show 2 or 3 of your most recent tweets (you can see the rest by scrolling).
  • # of Tweets Shown: This setting overrides the “Height" setting – if you select 5 tweets, it will always show 5 with no scroll. If you don't set a # of tweets, it will fall back to your height setting, and you can scroll to see more tweets.
  • Widget ID: A unique number that identifies your widget with Twitter.
  • Layout Options: You can play around with these options to change how your timeline looks. Each one is a toggle so just check the box and click Save, then refresh your site to see how it looks.
  • Link/Border Color: If you'd like to customize your timeline to match your theme better then you can enter the hex code for a color in these boxes.
  • Timeline Theme: Twitter provides a dark and a light color theme for the timeline, so depending on your blog's theme, you might want to change this.

Once you're done setting your options, just click Save and you can refresh your site to see it in action.

Embedding with a Shortcode

You can also embed your Twitter Timeline on a post or page on your blog.

To insert the timeline into a post, paste the following shortcode into your post editor:

[twitter-timeline id=1234 username=yourhandle]

In the shortcode, id is your Twitter widget ID and username is your twitter handle, without the @ symbol. The shortcode will look something like this in your post:

Finally, publish the post, and you're done!